Pesky infections!

It seems this infection is being a bit pesky again!!! I feel a lot better in myself today, no temperature spikes for 24 hours…… however my CRP infection marker has gone up from 62 to 197!!! Consequently I am now on 3 lots of antibiotics…. lovely…..

Suspected causes of infections…….. Because I’m getting a lot of pain in my lower abdomen we think it could either be a recurring infection on the cyst on my right ovary, inflammation/infection of my gut, or my appendix!! Think if the infection hasn’t quietened down by tomorrow they will do some ultrasound scans, etc to work out what it is.

Does mean that chemo will be on hold for a little longer until they get on top of the infection….. but that equally means we might no the verdict on transplant funding before we start which will be reassuring!! Fingers cross for a verdict tomorrow!!

5 thoughts on “Pesky infections!

  1. Lauren

    Hi Emma, we’re actively following your blogs at Bloodwise – and wishing you all the best for the funding decision. Please let us know if there is anything we can do! Keep up the positive attitude – we’re all thinking of you at Bloodwise HQ!


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