What to do with all the free time?!?

After chatting to Dr Siva today it seems I will be here till the end of the week. They want to infection site to heal over, redness to reduce and my CRP marker to go down before they stop the IV antibiotics. So its likely I’m here till the end of the week……. On the plus side we are going to try and get a few of the pre transplant tests done whilst I’m here. Will have an echo test done to check my heart and hopefully have another line inserted. Chemo plan wise I’m hoping to chat to my London consultant on the phone at some point this week as I won’t be able to travel there.

So what have I been doing to keep myself amused…… generally pratting around!! Today I did an hour of exercise in my room, some gentle aerobics and squats, press ups, etc. Also did some yoga stretching and some crazy headstands!! I seem to be able to do much better headstands in hospital! No idea why!! Also spent the afternoon having several attempts at knitting a hat for Kirsten! Think I have finally got the size right and should be finished tomorrow!! (Can’t knit whilst my drip goes in as I can’t bend my arm… damn canulas!!)

IMG_20151013_213815 DSC_0873

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