Getting itchy feet…..

I’m feel a hell of a lot better than I was this time last week!! I’m actually keeping my eyes open for the majority of the day!! Generally doctors are happy with my progress. My temperature is staying down, I’m eating/drinking, my OBs are all good. The only thing holding me back from release is my CRP marker in my blood. CRP (C-reactive protein) is a protein found in blood plasma which levels raise in response to inflammation or infection. I believe these levels should be below 10 where as mine is still hovering over 75. Until these levels come down they want to keep me on the IV antibiotics, which is a drip for 2.5 hours twice a day  and a “push” 3 times a day so can’t easily go home!!

I’ve been getting up and about taking sneaky day trips to the shops and to Ferry meadows in between IV antibiotics and OBS though!! Although it was a little cold today, I managed the 3 mile walk round the park!!


Internet Tip

With Kirsten’s help I also purchased a dongle over the weekend which means I’ve got much easier and cheaper internet access now. Somehow managed to get an amazing deal too….. £30 for a dongle and 5gb of data (supposed to be £53!!). Must have for anybody spending quite a bit of time in hospital which doesn’t have internet access.

Thanking the nurses

I need some suggestions for presents for the nursing staff. They have been amazing during my stay here. Also the kitchen staff have been great doing sneaky ready meals for me and extra veggies!! They all whinge though if you buy chocolates/cake/sweets. Ideas so far include a selection of fruit or tea/coffee. Any other ideas welcome!!!

Next steps……..

Now the next thing to try and organise is getting to London to see my consultant to discuss THE PLAN………. My CNS has suggested I get hospital transport to and from the hospital….. Can you imagine doing the 2.5/3 hour trip in one of the hospital ambulances?!?! No thank you!!! Will chat up my consultant tomorrow and work out the options!

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