How is that you can instantly always tell if a nurse has little experience of working on a haemotology ward before? I’m not sure what it is but I sniff them out straight away!!

A tell tale sign is usually if they are nervous about taking blood!! blood tests and cannulas are second nature to haem/onc nurses and they are usually the most skilled at it too!!

Last night I had an agency nurse who just couldn’t cope with the workload and seemed totally frazzled!! Think people forget there is a reason why haemotology nurses usually look after fewer patients!!

Wednesday night I had a bank nurse who reminded me a little of this guy from the Green mile….. although I’m pretty sure he doesn’t have any magical healing powers.

Progress wise….. I’m feeling better today and even took a sneaky trip out to hobbycraft to return a ridiculously huge puzzleboard I bought! (Geek I know, but I love a good puzzle!!) I will be on my 4th cannula today though as my veins keep busting…..Only 3 attempts needed from 3 different nurses to get it in….. hopefully they will put another line in next week!!

Other than that I can currently hear the sound of a man screaming in the background…… god know’s what is happening upstairs…….

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