Slowly getting there…..

Temperature seems to be behaving itself a lot more at the moment, only a few mini spikes of 38ish so feeling a lot better. Even ventured outside today for a bit of a walk. Still haven’t really had the energy to ‘do anything’  i.e. I’m not  even watching TV, when I haven’t got visitors I’m mostly snoozing!! But they are happy I’m eating an drinking so I’m off the fluid balance charts (yay no more using bedpans).

So all in all I’m feeling better but home.isn’t in sight just yet. Need to have 48 hours of temperatures below 37.5 and then I can be set free!!! Hopefully tomorrow will be a non spike day!!

Lots of visitors today which was lovely, but feeling pooped!! Great to meet Kate h from the mds group, always nice to put a face to a name!! Thank you for all my goodies too. And of course lovely to see lesley after so long!! Mum/dad I see you all the time but still nice you visited 😉

Tomorrow I plan on chatting to my clinical nurse specialist at kings to find out the plan. There have been rumours that I might be able to have my first chemo here in Peterborough if I preferred. Will keep you posted!!

One thought on “Slowly getting there…..

  1. Lesley Kalina

    Good to see you today emma. Shame it wasn’t having tea and cake instead of hospital. I hope you get to have your treatment where you want it hun. You take care. No gym classes 😉 and I will see you soon. Lots of love. 😊


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