Emergency bed transfer????

Hopefully you will be pleased to hear I’ve been feeling much better yesterday and today, with only mini temperature spikes up to 38.7 ( think this is hilarious that I now consider these mini, but they feel almost normal compared to 40.4!!!). I have been back eating and drinking, I generally have more energy although still spend most of the day dosing. Fingers crossed tonight will be temperature free and I sleep through without needing to have sweaty bed sheets changed at 3am!! ha ha

Yesterday all became a bit dramatic after kings got involved!! During ward rounds the consultants here decided that they thought the line ought to be removed. Siva (my Peterborough consultant) wanted to confirm with Kings that this was ok (for some reason this involves me getting Kings to phone him, rather than him finding the number himself!! Old school doctors eh?!!).

So I phoned my CNS, explained the situation and actually got to speak to Kavitha my kings consultant myself. She said she would speak to my consultant, but that it might be best to transfer me over to Kings. I was put on the bed transfer list ready to go to kings via ambulance as soon as there was a bed free at kings!!! A tad unnecessary!!

Siva came into my room to chat through the plan and it all just didn’t seem to make sense. They essentially wanted to transfer me to Kings to finish off the treatment of the infection, which I was currently stable from??? Then the likelihood would be that I wouldn’t make it home before my chemo, so it would just add onto the dates in London. It was now past working hours, so I emailed m CNS to say that I didn’t want to go to Kings.

Now to explain my reasons for this….. Kings is a fantastic hospital. The nurses and consultants are all very skilled and knowledgeable but sometimes it just has a bit of a cold feeling. There is so many protocols and it all feels a bit clinical. The rooms are also tiny and dark and miserable too!! For me as well I have a lot of bad memories with Kings with having constant nausea whilst I was there and even the smell of the handsoap brings it back.  Where as in Peterborough the nurses have known me for years, its got a much friendlier feel and my room is huge with a window with a view!! Also my parents are just down the road so my laundry service is a bit more accessible 😉

I eventually got an email from my CNS confirming that I have been taken off the bed transfer list and will be booked into clinic to see Kavitha as soon as I am discharged.

RIP Lionel the line – You will be missed, we had only known each other a week but I had become quite attached in that time 😉


This morning my line was removed. First I was given a bag of platelets to avoid me bleeding out and then it was all go. Because my line had only been in a week then we didn’t have to go through the normal dissection to get the cuff out. Literally the registrar just cut off the stitches and then pulled the tube out, bit of pressure on the holes and then all done. Although I will add that it freaking hurt!!! Imagine pulling something through red inflamed skin….. yeah.. ouch! Luckily it only took a couple of seconds though. Since taken it out my neck has been much less sore so already feeling grateful! 🙂


So I will probably stay in here until my temp has been down 48 hours and I’ve finished the course of antibiotics. Then it will be off to kings to talk through the real plan.

In the meantime I will continue to use my energy to wind up the nurses, in particular the new nurse on the ward Stella. Managed to convince her yesterday that she had pushed a blood clot through my cannula and that I was going to have a stroke…… doesn’t sound overly funny written down, but it was at the time!!

One thought on “Emergency bed transfer????

  1. Diana Lockyer

    Hi Emma Delighted to hear that you managed to avoid being transferred to Kings. Do hope that your temperature soon comes down and you feel better. Thinking of you


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