Rollercoaster week… the joys of no immune system!

So I haven’t updated for a while as I’ve been a bit under the weather so this might be quite a long one!! In true AIMIA fashion I will give a sort of exec summary and then you can choose to read as much or as little as you please!

Executive Summary

  • Line insertion causes some lasting discomfort
  •  Pain4Paine – Overwhelming success of the Spinathon so far raising over £4k
  • “Leaving party” – 1 tequila, 2 tequila…… luckily I stopped after 2!!
  • Nasty hangover that turns out to actually be a line infection
  • Checking into hotel PCH (agaaaaain!!) with temperatures soaring about 40 degrees for the majority of the weekend
  • Doctors have now identified the bug and the new antibiotics seem to be doing the trick! 🙂

Line Insertion

I actually found I caused me quite a bit of discomfort this time. i.e. when lifting my head off the pillow I had to use my hands to help. but after popping a few ibuprofen it seemed to do the trick. In general I think most people get a bit of aching around the tunneled area normally. Thursday morning it was time to go off to the hospital to get it redressed, where all looked fine, just a little sore.
Here is a picture of my 3 lumen line after it had been inserted (not looking my best!!):



On Thursday afternoon my work colleagues had organised a 4 hour Spinathon at Virgin Active Strand, where I used to teach classes. It was an amazing afternoon and I don’t think the smile left my face even during my 4th hour cycling! I just want to say a massive thank you to everyone:
– that organised the event
– that volunteered to teach
– that participated in the event (especially those in ridiculous costumes!!)
– that donated dollar towards the cause!

Still can’t believe how many people got involved and how much money we have raised! Hopefully this will continued to rise a bit longer 😉

Here are a couple of pictures and a silly gif from the gruelling afternoon!!


Silly Gif!

Also if you would like to donate you still can!!   Donate here!!

Leaving party

So then it was on to Opal bar for some much-needed drinks (via Pret for a sneaky sandwich!), although I do find it amazing how a standard cocktail can be made to taste so bad!! Was great to catch up properly with work friends after not being in work properly since July. However there are loads that I didn’t get to spend much time with!! Hopefully we can catch up soon.

After Opal it became a bit of a heavy night, however we did have a sensible pit stop at five guys, ending at the infamous Salvador’s and Amanda’s. Standard night…. shots… dancing…. Liam nearly being kicked out for falling asleep….

Had a really great day and night and was fun to let off a bit of steam and try to feel a bit normal!!!

Feeling Rough – the joys of no immune system

So after a heavy night I managed to lie in until lunch time, however even at this point i didn’t want to get up. Felt a bit strange as I’m actually pretty good at
controlling the alcohol intake. Then i tried moving around and the pain in my line was baaaaad. Thought “bugger all that cycling probably too much pressure on it”.
Got up, took some pain killers and crashed out on the sofa. Took me ages to get going, but eventually did all my little jobs and opted for an Uber to kings x.

Whilst on the train I could tell something was up. I was freezing cold, started shivering, and after a while the rigours started (where your body shakes uncontrollably as it tries to heat itself up). I took my temperature and it was over 38…. bugger!!! So it was then time to get in the phone to Peterborough hospital to see if they had a bed for me on the ward…. which luckily they did, so I didn’t have to go via A&E!

By the time my dad had picked me up and got me to the hospital my temperature had hit 40.1!! I felt dog rough!! All the standard checks happened, blood tests, blood cultures from the line, swabs from the line, listening to chest, urine samples, etc. I was started on broad spectrum antibiotics with the assumption it was a line infection as the skin surrounding it was bright red. The picture below is from today, on saturday it was that shade of red about an inch further around.


The rest of the weekend was really rough. My temperature didn’t make it much below 38 all weekend even with the help of paracetamol. As soon as the paracetamol wore off I was back having rigours and my temp would climb back up to the 40’s. Last night it hit its all time personal best of 40.4!! Something to be proud of?!?

I didn’t have the energy or appetite to eat or drink much so was set up on fluids. The antibiotics gave me diarrhoea. My haemoglobin had dropped to 69 but they can only give me blood transfusions whilst my temperature was down or at least stable so it took ages to top me up.

The staff here at Peterborough are amazing though. I find it all a lot less clinical than Kings and there is more flexibility in protocol, for example I am allowed
to administer my own drugs from home which means I can take them when its right for me, i.e. I find poseconazole a really funny drug that I have to eat just the
right amount of food with else my reflux is terrible from it. Also, I love the nurses, and have known many of them for the whole 10 years I’ve been ill – makes such a difference when you have got a friendly face. My consultant even came in to see me on saturday and the ward junior doctor on sunday, even though both weren’t on the ward. (both came to see other patients too but they didn’t have to pay me a visit!!) The rooms are also bigger, brighter and have windows that open onto a garden!!

On the up (hopefully!)

Yesterday they identified the bug that has been causing me all my grief and also the right antibiotics to attack it. After having 2 doses the redness around the site seems
to of reduced and my temperature has been under control since 4am today! I’ve even managed to eat a sandwich and some crackers!! ha ha

So I will likely be here the rest of the week, but fingers crossed no more 40 degree temperatures as I am just exhausted from them! Had a wobble this morning when I got all shivery as I thought it was about to spike again. Just couldn’t hack another, i think unless you have been through it you can’t understand what it is like to have
a constant temperature that high for 72 hours. It is just draining. Luckily though I was just having a panic over nothing and all was fine, they just really need to get
my shower temperature fixed so I don’t get as cold in it! ha ha

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