In limbo

I really do feel like the hospital seems to think if you are sick then you have no life. Currently waiting on a phone call at 9am to say if I need to go in for my line. So I’ve got to be showered and ready to go in case they can squeeze me in early…. Equally I might not get an appointment at all today.

It’s OK…. It’s not like I might be tired and want a lie in….. Or its not like I have anything better I could be doing….


Hospital life!!


5 thoughts on “In limbo

  1. Sean Bottomley

    Fun that. Totally understand why but i was on stand by for three days waiting for the phone call to get into Kings. Finally coming at 1715 on a Wednesday to get in that night. That’s all fine if you live in London but i had to get in from Hastings.


    1. Ha ha yeah Sean I had the same thing. Think my call was later in the evening but luckily I was alreaxy in London. However, when I was discharged it was around 9pm I finally got released and it’s a 2-3 hour drive back to my parents house!!! I was Shattered when we got.home!!


  2. Diana Lockyer

    Sorry to hear that you are feeling frusrated with the hospital Emma. You certainly have had a very difficult time over the last few years. My husband, Pete, and I are really full of admiration for your courage, intelligence and humour in dealing with your illness in the first place and now a new very difficult challenge.


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