Waste of time and money!!

So today was a sadly a typical hospital day where everything goes to sh*t due to a lack of resource and communication.

last night and this morning: I showered with the lovely hibiscrub as requested by the Angio team. Apparently this helps to kill off any bugs living on my skin and reduces the risk of my line getting infected.

8am: I left the house to get the train to London from Peterborough

11am: I arrived at haemotology outpatients as requested to have my blood test and two pools of platelets prior to my Hickman line being inserted at 2pm.

12:30pm: I eventually get called through by my clinical nurse specialist (CNS) who takes my bloods and inserts a canular for the day unit staff as they are so busy. She then hands over to the nurses

1pm: I get a visit from my lovely friend Tannis!! Great to see you looking so well (minus some nasty water retention) xx

1:45pm: The nurse eventually puts up my platelets and says she will try and contact Angio to let them know I will be on route shortly

2:30pm: The nurse comes to tell me my appointment for the Hickman line insertion has been given to someone else and they have cancelled my appointment…….

3pm: I leave the hospital and go get my nails done to try and destress!!

Now what a bloody waste. I made a trip to London today purely to get my line put in, I didn’t need to be here till tomorrow/thursday and I could have got a cheaper train if so. I didn’t need a pool of platelets so this was a waste of NHS time and money – I will have to have another bag if I have the line inserted tomorrow. I lost a day I could have been doing lots of other things. Mentally I psyched myself up for nothing.  I’m bloody knackered. And imagine if I wasn’t as well as I am, or if I was elderly or if I didn’t have anywhere to stay in London?!?!?

What a shambles!!!

So now all plans are on hold for tomorrow to see if they can get me in for a cancelled appointment…… Not like I have a life outside of hospital or anything……

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