More preparations…..

On Saturday it was back to sorting out all my stuff that I have brought back from London (see picture below- this is my dad’s front room when I arrived home….). Separating items suitable for hospital and putting the rest in the loft (or getting my dad to!!), buying any hospital essentials and most importantly organising all my knitting wool and projects!!


I did find some time to enjoy the sunshine and being out of hospital with a few walks with my family and dogs and enjoying some nice food. Here is a piccie of me (in a terrible jumper i knitted!!) out walking with my brothers Sprocker pup Jasper and Marleigh my mums liemburg x german shepherd :

DSC_0809 DSC_0818

Hospital wise I was in every day for my dose of IV antibiotics, which only takes 30 minutes to infuse but in true hospital style there is always lots of waiting and thaffing making visits more like 1.5/2 hours in total! Last dose of antibiotics today so I’m looking forward to being able to taste food again over the next few days!

Tomorrow I am getting my hickman line inserted ready for  my treatment next week. A hickman line is a long thin tube inserted into the vein in your chest. It will be tunneled under my skin to stop it falling out, and assuming I don’t get any infections I will be able to keep it in for the duration of my treatment and when I am discharged from hospital. The hickman line will be used to administer all my IV’s as well as being used for blood tests. This reduces the number of stabbings I have to receive and also means I can have 2 different IV’s running at once.

More info:

I’m not too bothered about the process of getting the line put in. The previous few lines I have had inserted haven’t been particular painful process, just slightly unpleasant!! The worst part is the stiff neck you get that evening and the next day. However, for me getting the hickman line put in kind of signifys the start of my treatment. Makes it all feel a bit more real and me realise that I am actually ill again!

3 thoughts on “More preparations…..

  1. Lesley Kalina

    Thinking of you. Remember going in for my line but for me it made the whole process that little bit easier to bear. Lots of love you fabulous woman. Xx


  2. Sean Bottomley

    Good luck with it all!! The thought of having my line fitted for my ATG treatment was really scary, far worse than the reality but you’re an old hand at such things now sadly aren’t you!
    The hickman line certainly makes life easier doesn’t it although i ended up having mine out unexpectedly early after the nurse dressing it managed to break it. Thankfully i’d well finished my ATG and the consultant subsequently said they tend to take them out quickly these days to save risk of infection.


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