Radio star has been set free

It has been an eventful day or so!

I had been liaising with Bloodwise creating a press release about my AA/MDS journey to be shared as part of blood cancer awareness month. After sending the press release around I got asked to call in LIVE to BBC Radio Cambridgeshire at 7:40 am. Now anybody that has stayed in hospital will know that I would definitely be awake at that time, however the chances of not being disturbed are next to none!! I pre-warned the producer of this and one of the HCA’s kindly produced me a sign:


After a not so great nights sleep worrying about not waking for the show and what to say ( and also nurses waking me up at 11pm, 1am, 5am and 6am for observations and antibiotics!!) I got the phone call at 7:35am from the producer checking I was ready to go on live! Gaaahhh!! Nervous!! I wanted to make sure I didn’t say anything stupid, and that I did a good job for Bloodwise and other patients suffering with MDS/AA or other blood cancers.

Overall i enjoyed it and think it went ok. I did feel like I had missed out bits I wanted to say or wouldn’t have said some its if I’d known how short the feature would be, but oh well!!! You can judge for yourself (28 days left to listen – wind forward 1hr 4om)!!

After all that drama I then found out the microbiologist had found a different antibiotic my SUPERBUG (ESBL) is sensitive too which meant I could go home!! Woop!! (I also think the consultant walking in on me midway through a headstand in my room probably helped to prove i was “clincally well” too!) So now I’ve been switched to the new IV antibiotics i’m at home and free, I just have to go to hospital once a day to get my IV. I am on strict instructions though that if i start to feel unwell I have to go straight back in. Apparently I am very lucky as ESBL is a really nasty bug that should have floored me, but luckily we seemed to have caught it really early.

So now I’m home….. I had a great nights sleep with no nurses shoving thermometers in my ear and turning the lights on at 3am and feel refreshed. I cycled to the hospital for my antibiotics today (I won’t go into the hospital trip and the 6 attempts to cannulate me!!) and then returned home to do a headstand! After a few months practicing this was the first time i have been able to hold one long enough for a photo to be taken…….

Who would think I got out of hospital the day before?!?!


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