Getting ready and Super bugs!

So I’ve been spending the last week or so trying to sort my life out before hospital admission. I’ve written my to do list and have been slowing working through the list. The main things on the list were:
  1. Move back home to Peterborough – I know that after my treatment London life will not treat me well, I won’t be able to work and having mummy and daddy around will make life a lot easier!
  2. Unpack all my clobber I’ve bought back to Peterborough – 5 years worth of junk has got to make its way into my childhood bedroom that is still full of junk!!
  3. See various friends
  4. Go do some nice trips/meals/adventures!
  5. Write the hospital list and pack the hospital bags
  6. Achieve a headstand and crow pose without support! (becoming a yoga bunny)
The list had been going well…. I managed to fit in a few meals/drinks with London friends before moving back to Peterborough last week. I’ve cleared out my old room. I cut my hair off and dyed it some wacky colours.
Me - edinburgh
I had an adventure to Edinburgh, travelling first class on the train for the first time, walking up Arthur’s seat and spending time with a lovely boy! I’ve pretty much finished my hospital list. But then I came back to Peterborough on Monday for the brakes to be put on my progress…..
After a week of running around doing lots of things, various hospital appointments and stressing about moving back to Peterborough/going into hospital I had burnt myself out. Monday I woke up with a hideous headache and just feeling ridiculously tired and achy. I felt so rotten I even had to ask my dad to take me to hospital for my routine blood test, where as normally I would drive or cycle there myself. I was very anaemic (hb 75) and was booked into have blood the next day, however this was not the cause of my all symptoms.
By midnight I had woken up clammy and shivery knowing I had a temperature….. 38.2.  As I am currently so neutropenic (neuts 0.03 at last check!) it was all systems go and my dad got me straight to A&E to be treated for neutropenic sepsis. Here we went through all the standard procedure…. blood tests, urine tests, blood cultures, chest x-ray and I finally made it to a ward at 6am!! Goes without saying that I pretty much slept the rest of the day!!
So I’ve spent the last few days being poked and prodded and being shoved full of IV antibiotics…… what horrid things. Now I never understand why people are so keen to go to the doctors and get antibiotics, they are nasty. I have a constant nasty taste in my mouth, no appetite, my wee smells, my poo smells, I’ve got diareaoh, bad wind, cramps, etc etc! But they seem to be doing the job as my temperature has remained stable, so yay for antibiotics!
Amazingly (anybody who has had blood cultures knows this is a rarity) they were able to grow a bug out of my blood. Some form of super bacteria that isn’t sensitive to hardly any bloody antibiotics!! Good news is that the have worked out which antibiotics it is sensitive to….. Bad news is that so far none of them can be given as an outpatient so I’m stuck here for a weeks worth of antibiotics!! Although at least i’m not feeling too rotten!

4 thoughts on “Getting ready and Super bugs!

  1. Rebecca Whawell

    No good to hear you’ve ended up in hospital on anitbiotics!! Just wanted to say your hair looks awesome – inspiration from your pokemon outfit by any chance 🙂 Honestly I absolutely love it and think you should definitely keep this style as it really suits you! Hope you are back to your parents home soon! xx


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